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Børsen (full name: Dagbladet Børsen) is a Danish newspaper specialising in business news published in Denmark.

Børsen was founded in 1896 by merchant and editor Theodor Hans Carsten Green. In 1899, it was changed into a newspaper with a particular focus on business and stock exchange content. From then and until 1909, Børsen was also formally associated with Grosserer-Societetet (en: The Merchant Society) Børsen (Exchange in english), also known as Børsbygningen (“The Stock Exchange” in English), is a 17th-century stock exchange in the center of Copenhagen.

Børsen is published on weekdays and is based in Copenhagen. It has no political affiliation, but it supports the free market economy and private business as well as worldwide trade.The paper publishes a list, Børsen Guld.

Since 1 March 1993 the newspaper has stood out by its use of salmon-pink paper, an intentional reference to the British Financial Times. As of 2011, the newspaper was redesigned, incorporating salmon-pink further by also using the color across all platforms.Magenta was also chosen as a signal color, PT Serif as the primary typeface, and the logo was replaced by a new, hand-drawn one made by the Danish designer Jan Andersen.

Dagbladet Børsen owned by the Swedish media group Bonnier AB as the main shareholder and the Danish media group JP / Politikens Hus. The newspaper has 133,742 readers, while has 520,044 unique users and more than 15 million pageviews per month. All created by 225 full-time employees.

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