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Odense, Denmark

Fyns Amts Avis is a Danish newspaper. It was first published in 1863 as the name of Sydfyenske Tidende. Today this newspaper is called Fyns Amts Avis.



According to this newspaper, it was created by the people’s population as a means of combating men’s right to peasant liberation and for political democracy. The newspaper thus has its roots in the constitution in the 19th century, where freedom of expression was neither legally guaranteed nor part of the public debate culture.



So many things are changed now but the newspaper of Fyns Amt continues to hold the tabloid of freedom of speech. They say that, they are in order to break opinions and create development. And as a locally anchored but liberal newspaper, liberalism is a natural part of the newspaper’s concept.



Today, the newspaper of Fyns Amt has evolved not only to be a speaker of the interests of the region, but also to the entire area’s communication center.



Contributing to that role also means that the newspaper is a watchdog to politicians and other magistrates. This is done by asking critical questions for decisions and events. Both locally and across Christiansborg, the national interest groups and the big business community.



Fyns Amt’s Avis is published by Svendborg Avis, which is a part of Jysk Fynske Media. The purpose of Svendborg Avis’s participation in Jysk Fynske Media is to create a foundation for the continued publication of the Fyn County newspaper, which will further cement its position as one of the country’s best local newspapers.



According to as on 28 January, 2018 the traffic rank of Fyns Amts Avis is 200 and among the world its 48,908.


Address and contact details of Fyns Amts Avis are as follows :

Fyens Stiftstidende
5100 Odense C
Tel .: changeover: 6611 1111
News Editor: 6545 5121
Fax: 6545 5288

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