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JydskeVestkysten is a Danish language regional newspaper published in Esbjerg, Denmark. It is among the largest publications in the country.


JydskeVestkysten was first published on 15 January 1991 as a result of the merge between Vestkysten, which was founded in 1917, and Jydske Tidende. The paper is based in Esbjerg.


As per Wikipedia, The Berlingske Media, a subsidiary of first Orkla Media and then, of Mecom, had 50% share in the paper. The other owner was the Den Sydvestjyske Venstrepresse company. Syddanske Medier acquired 100% of the paper on 15 September 2013. The publisher of the paper is Jydske Vestkysten A/S. JydskeVestkysten is published in broadsheet format. In 1993 another local daily Kolding Folkeblad merged with the paper, allowing the paper to cover both western and southern Jutland.


Syddansk Media is a responsible and responsible media house. Syddansk media’s journalism must be credible, flawless and fair. Both sources and readers must be able to count on us.


Syddansk Media, taking into account the interests of the general public, takes into account the individual citizen’s demands for respect for personal privacy. This applies to both text and images.


The European Parliament described JydskeVestkysten as a liberal newspaper in 1998. It is also stated by the owner of the paper, indicating that the paper has no political affiliation. However, the Danish ministry of foreign affairs regards paper as holding independent conservative views. In a 2006 study it was also described as a right-wing newspaper.


As per their traffic rank in Denmark is 333 and among the world its 72831.


JydskeVestkysten medias address and contact details are as follows –

Norgesgade 1 – 6700 Esbjerg

Phone (+45) 7912 4500



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