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Viby, Denmark

Jyllands-Posten  or “The Jutland Post”, commonly shortened to JP, is a Danish daily broadsheet newspaper. It is based in Viby, a suburb of Århus, Jutland. Weekday circulation of approximately 120,000 copies, it is among the largest-selling newspapers in Denmark. Its main competitors are the broadsheet Politiken and compact Berlingske.


The foundation behind the newspaper, defines it as an independent liberal (centre-right) newspaper. The paper officially supported the Conservative People’s Party until 1938.


The newspaper was the subject of a major controversy concerning cartoons that depicted the Islamic prophet Muhammad in 2005–2006 which sparked violent protests around the world, and have led to several attempted terrorist plots against the newspaper or its employees in the years since.


Jyllands Posten is published both digitally and on print, and they are present across several digital channels so we meet our readers wherever they are. The newspaper is free and independent of all economic and political interests and is not affiliated with any political party.


Their vision is to create more knowledge and progress through the free word. And mission is to convey all expressions and attitudes that challenge and strengthen the readers knowledge as an independent liberal media house.


According to as of 07.01.2018 their traffic rank in Denmark is 75.

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