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Copenhagen, Denmark

The Copenhagen Post is one of the very  few English-language newspapers published in Denmark. It is a weekly newspaper providing Danish news in English both nationally and internationally. It was renamed as CPH Post Weekly.

According to Wikipedia, although founded by San Shepherd in 1997, the first printed edition of The Copenhagen Post shipped in February 1998. Since the year 2000, The Copenhagen Post has been published by Ejvind Sandal. In 2002, Jesper Nymark stepped in as CEO. The current editor-in-chief is Ben Hamilton.

CPH typically contains politics, business, education, finance, and general news. Internationally, The Copenhagen Post has delivered news to organisations such as Agence France Presse, Al-Jazeera, Jyllands-Posten, Infomedia, the BBC, and The New York Times Syndicate.

In addition to news, The Copenhagen Post is also a leading provider of non-news services to the private and public sectors. Over the past six years, the number of organisations turning to them; to provide writing, translation, editing, production or delivery services has increased dramatically. This is due in no small measure to the increased presence of international organisations, workers and students in Denmark, especially Copenhagen.

In addition to their weekly newspaper and InOut entertainment section, The Copenhagen Post also publishes news and advertising supplements on a regular basis.

As of 6 October, 2017 and as per the global rank of this newspaper is 215318 and in Denmark its 2342.


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